Our Ethos

using our energy for good

We're here to sprinkle a little goodness into your day-to-day, so you can find out what's good for you: what tastes good, what feels good, and what inspires good ideas — without any judgement or guilt.

  • Get Golden will always be made with 100% wholefoods and wholefood extracts.
  • Get Golden will never contain GMOs.
  • Get Golden will never contain Soy.
  • Get Golden will never contain synthetic vitamins.

our commitment to sustainability

To minimize our environmental impact, we are actively researching and developing ways to create Get Golden packaging that is 100% compostable—and can give our products a healthy shelf life. Check back in to see our progress as we keep on this journey or if you have any questions, please email hello@getgolden.com.

paying it forward

Throughout the year, we will be selecting various small organizations with big missions to support each quarter. As a company that strongly believes in standing with our Black and Brown communities, we are continuing this process by donating a portion of our proceeds to The Swan Dreams Project, a nonprofit that uses imagery and the art of ballet to challenge racial and socioeconomic stereotypes.

“I want our youth to know that they are not limited by stereotypes nor by their environment, but only by their dreams.”

– Aesha Ash, Founder of The Swan Dreams Project & New York City Ballet Ballerina

Donate directly with the link above or purchase Get Golden products to join us in giving back to our communities today.