• General +

    What makes Get Golden snacks different from other kinds of snacks out there?

    You mean, beyond our satisfyingly crunchy nut and blend and the saltysweet Turmeric Coconut Butter “Caramel” we created? Unlike most other brands, our snacks are crafted in small batches to make sure you get the best quality (and best-tasting) snacks, every time.

    Are you guys hiring?

    We’re not hiring at the moment, but if you feel that you could be a great asset to our team, send us an email at hello@getgolden.com and we’ll be sure to keep you in mind when an opportunity comes up.

  • Ingredients +

    What kinds of sweeteners go into Get Golden bars?

    Believe it or not, there are no refined sugars in any Get Golden snacks. That hint of sweetness you taste is organic InfantSafe® brown rice syrup.

    What is InfantSafe® brown rice syrup?

    Not all brown rice syrup is created equal. Because heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury occasionally show up in brown rice syrup, we chose InfantSafe® brown rice syrup because it goes through a rigorous process to remove these elements—without impacting the other nutrients in the snack.

    Why is brown rice syrup listed as the second ingredient on the bars?

    Contrary to popular belief, ingredients aren’t listed based on the amount in which they’re used. Actually, by law, they have to be listed in order of weight. Brown rice syrup is surprisingly dense and weighs more than most other ingredients that go into our snacks—hence, why it goes second on the ingredient list. If you look at other snacks or bars and notice that they don’t list their sweeteners in the top two ingredients, odds are they’re using more than one. (If you were to mix all the different sweeteners they’re using in one pot, it would mostly likely be their first ingredient.)

  • Shipping +

    Where does Get Golden ship?

    The gist: if you’re in the US, we’ve got you covered. (But we’re working on international shipping, so stay tuned!)

    We’ll pack up and ship your Get Golden products within 2-4 business days (i.e. Monday to Friday). If you happen to place your order over the weekend—or on a holiday—we’ll process them out the following business day.

    Shipping options

    Good news: we are currently offering free USPS ground shipping on all orders to anywhere in the domestic US!

    Return policy

    If you don’t love your Get Golden order, we’re here to make things right. Send us a note to hello@getgolden.com with your order number, and we can chat.

    Can I change or modify an order once it is placed?

    During this time, we won’t be able to accommodate any changes or modifications to your order after it’s placed.

    When will my order ship?

    After you order, we need a day or two process and pack it all up—and then the mail carriers will do their magic. We’ll be sure to send you a shipment notification email the minute your package ships so know where it’s at.

    How can I track my order?

    Soon after you place your order, you’ll get a shipping confirmation email with a tracking code. If you have any questions about the status of your order, shoot us a note at hello@getgolden.com.

    SIDE NOTE: To make sure your Get Golden order is delivered as fast as possible, we’ve waived signature requirements and cannot be held responsible for USPS errors.

  • Subscriptions +

    How do I sign up for a Get Golden auto-ship subscription?

    First of all, good choice. (Now you don’t have to think about reordering all your favorite Get Golden treats.) When you decide which snacks you’d like to order, select the number of boxes you’d like and how often you’d like to receive them, and hit “Add to Cart.” Then, just check out like you normally would, and we’ll take care of the rest.

    How do I make changes to my Get Golden subscription?

    Head to the latest email you received from hello@getgolden.com and hit “Manage Your Subscription.” From there, you can edit your email address, shipping address, when your next order will be auto-shipped, and find out how to cancel your subscription.

    If you have any other questions or need help, email us at hello@getgolden.com

    What’s your return policy?

    We don’t accept returns, but we’re fully committed to making sure you love everything you get from Get Golden. If you’re unhappy with your product, please email us at hello@getgolden.com.