Let's get to the good stuff

We’re here to sprinkle a little goodness onto your day-to-day, so you can find out what’s good for you: what tastes good, what feels good, and what inspires good ideas—without any judgment or guilt.

Our mission

To give you only the energy you want.

So what exactly does that mean? In today’s world, we're oversaturated with products selling us the energy we supposedly need to constantly be at peak performance: laser-focused, impossibly productive, and physically unstoppable at every moment of every day. But what these products fail to take into account is the aftermath. Intense sugar crashes, exhaustive work/life environments, and “food” that barely passes as such.

That’s why we created Get Golden: a brand that creates snacks to give you the energy you want in your life. No refined sugars, no negative energy, and no b*rdseed.

Our process

We set out to create something that tastes as good as taking time for yourself feels

We’re here to help you take back the reins and explore what’s good for you—without judgment, guilt, or idea that there’s a one-size-fits-all answer.

In our day-to-day, we make it our goal to ask questions and find what makes us happy—a process that helps uncover moments of goodness that were tucked away in places you might have least expected.

From the start, curiosity inspired our every decision. Could we find ingredients to give our bodies a natural boost of energy? Could we make it gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and non-GMO? Could we make a good-for-you-snack that didn’t taste like b*rdseed? The answers: yes, yes, and 100% yes.

But for us, this curiosity-driven creativity doesn’t just stop with food. In fact, it’s just the beginning—and we’re excited to explore with you, one bite a time.

Jenelle plays with kids
“I created Get Golden for the dreamers who are always looking for a little more light, inspiration, and goodness in their everyday lives.“ Jenelle Manzi

Our founder

Jenelle Manzi, a veteran New York City Ballet dancer, spent many years of her career on the sidelines battling injuries and food allergies. On the road, she was tired of “healthy snacks” that promised energy, but came with intense sugar crashes or had a taste that was more akin to birdseed than actual food. So, she started creating delicious recipes that gave her the energy she craved, while cultivating a strong, positive community that gave her the boost she was looking for.

With a snack that opened people up for conversation, she realized that people craved more than just good food—they wanted something more than a one-size-fits-all way to feel good again.

Jenelle cooking